Ondangwa Town Council plans to address the housing shortage

Stefanus Nashama

Paavo Amwele, the Mayor of Ondangwa said the town already raised and set aside N$2.4 million to address the issue of housing along with a market space that would see members of the public conducting business and at the same time pay for services.

According to the Mayor, the town never received money from the government or any financial assistance from anywhere and added that the N$2.4 million came from residents who paid for the town’s services with the little money they have.

He said the town council will do everything possible to create formal and informal areas, sell plots, build affordable houses, and create more marketplaces for people to do business and to raise funds for the town’s development.

“I want all people appearing on the list of those who need land and want houses to be provided with what they want by the town in five years. I want to see all of them having a place to stay and having more markets where they can conduct business to fight poverty and contribute to the development of the town’s revenue through paying services like water, electricity, and many others,” Amwele told this publication.

Amwele said when he joined the town council, he found that people have been relocated a lot but now the town has broken the system of constant relocation by working hard for people to get permanent houses.

“It is our dream, as Ondangwa Town Council to work hard and address the issue of housing in the town, and after five years it is our dream for everyone to have a place to stay. I want this dream to reflect its actual image in the interest of all the residents of Ondangwa,” he stressed. Paavo said that despite financial challenges, the town already has a housing program (Build Together) in place to address those two issues, adding that some people have been given houses at Onatsi settlement while others are given plots to build at their own time, and no one will remove them from there.

“We cannot have our people selling in streets. We want them to have a marketplace to do their business and continue paying the town service to raise more funds and address other areas where such development is needed,” he reiterated.

He explained that the town has embarked on the journey for the housing program, it will also build informal areas where people should permanently relocate.

“Imagine you put them here today, tomorrow you move them somewhere else. When do you think these people will get a place to stay,” he asked.

He urged residents to continue paying for the town service and also requested them to be patient and to work in the spirit of peace and unity while the town is addressing the housing shortage and creating an improved business environment.

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