Opportunities for future mining workers


Namib Desert Diamonds (Pty) Ltd (Namdia), the diamond marketing and sales company, has, through its Namdia Foundation, granted life-changing opportunities to 14 young Namibians from all 14 regions in the country.

The recipients of the 2024 academic intake of the Namdia Foundation Bursary Scheme have described the bursaries as transformative.

Tommy Shaningwa, from the Ohangwena Region, has been awarded a bursary to pursue a degree in electronic and computer studies at the University of Namibia. He expressed gratitude, stating, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I feel deeply honored and privileged to receive such a sophisticated bursary. Namdia is one of the prominent public enterprise companies in Namibia. For me to receive such a bursary is an extraordinary occurrence that I may never encounter again.”

The recipients are justified in labeling the receipt of the bursary as an honor, as Namdia selected them from the 343 applications it received for the 2024 intake.

Mutonga Liswaniso, who has been awarded a bursary to study an honors degree in mining engineering at the University of Namibia, expressed similar sentiments, calling the bursary a life-changing opportunity. “I am very grateful. I can now pursue my studies in mining engineering without worrying about financial constraints. The bursary covers all my needs, including books and other necessities. I chose to study mining because it’s one of the top economic sectors that the country has to offer,” said Liswaniso, who hails from the Zambezi Region.

Mariane Karokoto, from Kavango West, has been awarded a degree in computer science at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. She described the bursary as a blessing, stating, “The bursary is honestly a godsend. It’s a life-changing opportunity that has alleviated my worries. I was concerned about how I would manage my studies, including accommodation, food, stationery, and transport. When I received the call from Namdia, it was a huge relief.”

Steven Kalihonda, a resident of Kavango East, who has been awarded a bursary to study mining engineering at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, expressed gratitude for the financial support. “Both my parents were very impressed since they were struggling to pay for my studies,” he said.

Rogeleo Nunuheb, from the Khomas Region, who will study environmental health at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, emphasized the significance of the Namdia bursary in his life. “The bursary means a lot to me. It’s truly a blessing and a life-changing opportunity. It serves as a great motivation for me to work hard, knowing that there is a bright future ahead,” said Nunuheb.

The 14 students will pursue fields including microbiology, chemical engineering, metallurgy engineering, mining engineering, computer science, environmental health, climate health, electronic and computer engineering, mathematical science, medicine and surgery, and agricultural economics.

The Namdia Foundation Bursary Scheme aims to address Namibia’s social and economic challenges through education, health, and sports.

Alisa Amupolo, chairperson of the Namdia Foundation and CEO of Namdia, explained the selection criteria. “Academic performance carried the greatest weight, constituting 50% of the total score. Furthermore, attention was given to the economic background of applicants, with 20% weight assigned to individuals from previously disadvantaged or marginalized communities. The preferred field of study, as outlined in our policy, accounted for 15% of the score, while proof of parental or guardian income, supported by certified affidavits, held a 10% weight. Additionally, preference was given to students pursuing studies in the diamond industry value chain, reflecting our commitment to fostering growth and development in our sector.”

The bursaries, valued at a total of N$2.8 million annually, will provide students with access to quality education and enable them to contribute to the nation’s development while addressing socio-economic challenges among the youth.

Bryan Eiseb, chairman of the Namdia board of directors, praised the bursary scheme’s success. “Established in 2022, the scheme saw a remarkable group of students in the class of 2023 demonstrate unwavering commitment and dedication, seizing the opportunities presented to them. I am proud to announce that we have achieved an impressive 86% success rate, with 12 out of our 14 students showcasing outstanding academic performance.”

In the 2022/2023 financial year, Namdia declared a dividend of N$300 million to the government. In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, projects in the 2022/2023 financial year, Namdia invested over N$5 million in CSR initiatives aimed at positively impacting local communities and promoting sustainable development.

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