Oshana officials exposed to PPP concept

Martin Endjala

The Ministry of Finance has taken training for political heads and senior staff in regional offices about the public private partnership concept to the regions.

Currently the ministry has started the training on Monday in the Oshana Region in Oshakati attended by the governors of the Omusati and Ohangwena regions amongst other senior officials from all constituencies in the Oshana, Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Kunene and the Zambezi regions. The outreach (PPP) program aims to capacitate public and private stakeholders on the functions of the PPP unit in the Ministry of Finance.. The training being held at the Oshana Regional Council Auditorium was officially opened by the Oshana regional governor, Governor Elia Irimari expressed excitement in an interview with the Windhoek Observer, describing the initiative as commendable. Irimari pointed out that the training will enlighten office bearers and stakeholders on how the public private partnership concept operates. “The process in which the (PPP) can be implemented is also another way to look at it, for it will enable regions to operate and implement solutions within the parameters of the (PPP),” Irimari said.

Politicians, officials and administrators will be fully sensitized about the concept and he expects all office bearers to have grasped everything associated with PPP to implement it in their regions to help bolster their economic activities and other related social issues faced by the regions, said the governor.

The PPP has two divisions of which one concentrates on reviewing and preparing recommendations with respect to various transaction

approvals that are sought for PPP projects from the committee of the Ministry of Finance, which is under the division of project appraisals.

The outreach and capacity building is the other division that executes training and development for the various private sector partners working with public entities in developing PPP projects. The Public Private Partnership is currently under the leadership of Director Rauna Mukumangeni and her Deputy Director Charity Sitwala. PPP provides support in undertaking the analysis necessary to advise the PPP committee and the Ministry in administering the policy.

It also assists the committee and Ministry in issuing regulations, circulars and guidance notes, pertaining to the policy. This is done to ensure consistency in the project preparations and evaluation process, which acts as a gatekeeper in ensuring every progression in the PPP process to meet the principles and requirements of the policy.


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