Oshana Region is an ideal investment destination: Nandi-Ndeitwah

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Deputy Prime Minister, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah said the Oshana Region is a prime investment destination, offering a favourable business environment and a range of untapped opportunities.

Nandi-Ndeitwah made these remarks yesterday at the Oshana Investment Conference which is presented under the theme: “IgnitingEeconomic Growth”.

She said Oshana’s strategic location, fertile lands and abundant resources, the region serves as one of the gateways to a thriving economy in Namibia.

While highlighting what is required from leaders, she said it is important to prioritise investment in infrastructure development within the region, such as improving road networks, electricity and water supply systems. Because the improvements will not only attract investments but also provide a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

“I always say that there are economic enablers that will ensure a balanced shared prosperity in our economy, namely: Fishing, Mining, Agriculture and Tourism. During this conference, it is my belief that we will delve into the opportunities these sectors and other key sectors have to offer in the Oshana Region. Moreover, it is my hope that through insightful discussions, networking opportunities and engaging presentations, we will forge strong partnerships, attract investment and drive sustainable economic growth,” she said.

She emphasised that special attention should go to the agricultural sector, because Oshana with its fertile soil and favourable climatic conditions, makes the region an ideal location for agriculture. With the support of the Government, by providing farmers with access to modern farming techniques, equipment and financial support, Oshana can be a leading region in creating jobs for the unemployed and increasing food nutritional production and consumption.

“Another sector offering great opportunity to the Oshana region is tourism. The Oshana Region is home to the beautiful Etosha National Park, which attracts thousands of international tourists. By investing in infrastructure and marketing efforts, we can expand the Parks territory, and increase visitor numbers, resulting in a boost to the local economy and once again job creation,” she stated.

The deputy premier added that the government fully recognises the importance of the private sector investments in unlocking the region’s potential and has implemented numerous reforms to create a conducive investment by keeping its commitment to investing in vital infrastructure developments to support and facilitate business growth in the region.

“Apart from governmental efforts, this conference also serves as a platform for entrepreneurs, businesses and community leaders to collaborate and maximise the region’s potential.

By fostering partnerships and encouraging local entrepreneurship. We aim to create a thriving ecosystem that promotes innovation, job creation and economic prosperity,” she alluded.

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