Oshikoto police happy withnumber of reported rape

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Oshikoto Regional Commander, Commissioner Teopoline Kalompo-Nashikaku yesterday said she is happy with the number of rape victims speaking out and reporting rape cases. She also said that the region expects the cases to rise, due to the outreach programs the police is doing with community members in the region.

In the month of May alone, Oshikoto region reported eight rape cases.

“It is a good sign for the police to have so many rape cases reported because it is attributed to the police’s action towards the community. Meaning the case are only going up because the targeted people are well informed about the dangers of rape,” she said.

On Tuesday in Omuthiya, a 15-year-old girl was raped by a 28-year-old man in her home.

According to Kalompo-Nashikaku, the victim was at home alone when the suspect arrived there to charge his phone, and forcefully had sexual intercourse with the victim

She added that the suspect is not related to the victim and has been arrested.

Kalompo-Nashikaku said people come forward and report rape cases as a result of the police’s involvement with the community.

“We the police in Oshikoto region have been engaging community members. So far we have visited more than 60 schools and churches in the region, educating ladies and men but especially young ladies on the dangers and nature of rape. In various communities in Oshikoto region, rape normally happens in confined places like houses so it’s very hard to prevent it but as a result of our engagements, people will report the cases within a maximum two days after the incident,” she added.

In a separate incident a grade seven learner and two grade six learners aged 13 and 12 allegedly raped their six year old neighbor in Olukonda constituency.

“It is alleged that the suspects and the victim were together playing around in their flats premises when the suspects lured the victim behind one of the houses under the pretext that they were going to take her to one of her friends there. They then raped the victim,” stated the crime report.

The incident was reported to the police by the victim’s mother.

Moreover, Kalompo-Nashikaku said that although the statistics are rising right now, they will eventually decline as more people become aware of the risks associated with rape and the perpetrators realize that they will be held accountable if such a crime is committed.

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