OTA shows self as democratic trailblazer

Staff Writer

The Ovaherero Traditional Authority(OTA) Spokesperson Uazuva Kaumbi says that the OTA has demonstrated that it is a trailblazer in democratic credentials and culture at a traditional level, which other authorities can learn from and emulate.

Kaumbi said this following the election of Hoze Riruako, as the Paramount Chief of the OTA at a marathon senate meeting, which lasted until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

While only about 267 delegates partook and voted, delivering Riruako with 195 votes, which is almost triple the collective votes of 74 of the other two aspirants, parliamentarians McHenry Venaani (41) and Mike Kavekotora, Kaumbi says what is important is the democratic nature of the process and that the votes of 269 is more than 241, which is the quorum for the usually 481-strong Senate.

Admittedly, given the division which has been apparent within the OTA and another group already having elected and inaugurated Professor Mutjinde Katjiua as Paramount Chief, it was unrealistic to have expected a full house of the Senate in Otjimbingue over the weekend unless by some dubious means.

Meaning in all probability, except for those who could not attend the Senate last weekend in Otjimbingue for one or the other reason, including disgruntlement, disillusionment and fatigue concerning the seeming dragging division, may be long to the Katjiua group, indicating that the OTA adherents and followers may be split in two almost equally.

The outcome of the weekend elections seems to be unanimously welcomed and endorsed by the adherents and followers of the group that was in Otjimbingue over the weekend. Most gratifying and reassuring for this group is the reassurance given by the two candidates who were unable to amass the requisite votes to ascend to the OTA’s PC position, Venaani and Kavekotora, both ruling out any challenge to the outcome, including challenging it in the courts. Bonafide Ovaherero by birth and having been close to the affairs of this traditional community, both Venaani and Kavekotora, in their speeches following the results, do not see the outcome as a personal loss to them but are proud to have been an integral part of a democratic process that not only the adherents and followers of the OTA shall continue to proud of, but the whole country thus elevating the stature of the OTA and its adherents and followers in the eyes of fellow Namibians and the world at large.

Kavekotora last year unveiled a Marshall Plan for the community upon becoming Paramount Chief, at the 118th anniversary of the Extermination order against the Ovaherero at Ozomduzovindimba. He has since announced that he bequeaths it to Riruako as Paramount Chief Designate. Riruako on the other hand said he would only reveal his vision for his community once he has established what their dreams, fears, wants and needs are, after having consulted them through countrywide roadshows.

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