Out with Revival without revival in with Expectations!!!

Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro

The year 2023 was not only declared as one of revival by the government itself but also confirmed, ironically and strangely by the government itself, as indeed by its economic apparatchiks and would be economic, political and social analysts as indeed one of revival.

Not that Yours Truly Ideologically would have any beef with the self-glorification and justification by the government of the day. As during its existence over close two five-year terms this has been one of its hallmarks. With little if any serious independent analyses by Namibia’s would be independent and serious analysts, other than the mundane ones and would-be fellow travelers of the government of the day. With the analyses consequently no less and no more than an acceptance and acquiescence to the status quo.

Because such analyses have been taking for granted the status quo as if the status quo, an undeniable capitalist mode of production inherited by the flag independence on 21 March, 1990. But which seems to have embraced for an “independent and free” Namibia as the Alfa and Omega for Namibia with no contemplation of an alternative. Until the end of time it seems. Because one has never seen either the ruling Swapo Party of Namibia, nor any other political party and/or formation advocating a distinct alternative, economically, from the seemingly given and accepted rubric of capitalism. Which itself since 1990 has never given any ray of hope that indeed the country is not only nominally politically independent but also economically. In the sense that the livelihoods of its masses have improved markedly.

This is not to say that the elite have not seen a presumably marked improvement in their livelihoods. Yes, to themselves. Hence their conveniently and without reservations and/or any questions, joining the bandwagon of the continued and continuous exploitation and oppression. Becoming apologetic accomplices of capitalism and the pillaging of the natural resources of the country on the pretext of investments by foreigners, and presumed development. While the rest of the country’s people have seen a deterioration in their socio-economic progression.

With little trickle down on the masses and most deserving section of the society other than what is necessary to appease them and lure them into a false sense of prosperity and economic wellness. So that they peacefully continue to allow the pillaging of their country’s natural resources. Such has been the state of affairs since independence. With the trumpeted excuse of global economic headwinds impacting on Namibia. But with only the masses feeling and bearing and enduring its full retrogressing and retrogressive impact.

Because for the elite, global economic headwinds or not, their standard of living has barely been affected with those at the sharper edge end of the country’s exploitative capitalist mode of production carrying the brunt of the seemingly negative global economic knocks. Which in Namibia has also been, if not solely, the result of economic mismanagement and rampant and endemic corruption,that the powers that be has been and continues to deny.

Things being what they are and have been in Namibia, since independence, ala the Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe’s, Things Fall Apart. Indeed things have been falling apart in Namibia and every day, month, year have been seeming like a year of no return to the old good days of independence, if ever there have been such days since 1990.

It is thus not only mind-blowing how, let alone the government itself, can and may have been speaking of 2023, or any year during the last 32 years of independence, of any revival. Revival of and in what if every year the country has been experiencing retrogression. With one year being worse than the previous one. Each epoch tantamount to the proverbial jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

“Please help me,” screamed a little boy with a poster only the beginning of the year. Seen around the City’s shopping complexes even last year, the presumed Year of Revival. Walking miles from Otjomuise to assume his usual daily post at one or the other shopping complex of one or the other affluent suburbs of the City. Where he has been waving his begging bowl for anything, from a cent or two to some leftovers and/or crumbs from the tables of the presumably well to dos. So that her mother, currently nursing a newborn added on to the already struggling family of six siblings, could avoid going to bed on empty stomachs.

Yours Truly Ideologically cannot but be saddened by the plight of this little boy, especially at the thought that this is their daily plight. And that of many in this unacceptable and government-made misery. To which they seem to have been condemned by none other than the country’s long awaited and hard-fought for independence. With the powers that be blaming it on the global economic recession, headwinds, downturn or what-have-you, as the exploitation of the working class has been rationalised all over the world, not excepting Namibia.

Homeless people rounded up from the streets of Windhoek to apparently cushion them off against Covid-19 and dumped in tents at the Youth Complex in Windhoek, still found themselves at the same dumping site during Xmas. Where they found themselves shelter-less during Xmas when their tents caught fire. Surely for the typical young boy, and the homeless like the ones at the Youth Complex, the so-called Year Of Revival cannot have any meaning, let alone be expected to have any meaning whatsoever.

Because any presumed revival must have immediate and meaningful impact on the lives of the ordinary other than being an abstract in the figment of the imaginations of the ruling elite. With no material, practical and objective essence. The people who all the time have been carrying the brunt of the economic downturn, if not the mismanagement of the economy, must and should feel any change and revival ensuing and/or have ensued, if indeed there is and has been any change and revival. Having entered a New Year, Yours Truly Ideologically, could not but be awed by the spinning of 2024 as one of expectations. By who and from who? Another show of excellence at meaninglessness that the government has become accustomed to as antidote to the wretched of Namibia and which they have been hypnotised with.

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