Panic and mayhem as more Namibians request for evaluation of qualifications

Eba Kandovazu

MORE Namibians are approaching the Namibia The Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) for urgent evaluations of their qualifications, an issue the NQA says is concerning.

A total 915 people have approached the NQA for evaluations between August and September, Public Relations Officer Absalom Absalom told the Windhoek Observer, adding that says the escalation of requests for urgent evaluations is concerning.

“As a result of this practice, qualification holders often miss out on employability and access to additional training when opportunities arise. As most employers now demand an NQA qualifications evaluation report during the recruitment process and training providers also request prospective students to submit evaluation reports before they can be granted admission for studies, submitting one’s qualification for evaluation at the last minute does not afford the NQA ample time to complete the applicant’s application for the evaluation of qualifications,”Absalom noted.

According to him, the NQA evaluates qualifications to give value to qualifications and to compare it to the Namibian system, while verifying the authenticity and validity of the awarding body and qualification.

“About 7 000 qualifications are evaluated annually and the process takes on average 30 working days, subject to the completeness of the application and availability of information. Turnaround time is significantly influenced by the process to verify qualification awards, with specific reference to the time it takes foreign awarding bodies to respond to our verification requests. Upon submitting your application, you will normally be informed of progress. If the NQA requires additional documentation or information from applicants, please ensure to respond promptly,”Absalom said.

He added that although the evaluation of qualifications is not compulsory, the NQA advices all qualification holders to submit their qualifications for evaluation as soon as they obtain them.

“Doing this will help with employment and university applications. Forms to apply for the evaluation of qualifications are available on our website,” he said, adding that the process is done for free.

“This process will contribute towards rooting out qualifications fraud and help to protect the integrity of Namibia’s education system,”he stressed.


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