Paragon secures RA3 Certification

Niël Terblanché

After a meticulous EU aviation security validation, Paragon Aviation Services has been officially designated as an RA3 (third-country regulated agent) by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA).

EU RA3 certification stands for “Regulated Agent Third Country” certification. It’s a designation given to companies outside the European Union that meet specific security requirements for shipping goods to the EU. Such certification underpins the company’s ability to provide Cargo and Mail, under super-tight safe and secure measures and environment.

The newly acquired RA3 status is a significant accomplishment for Paragon Aviation Services. This is the first time in the history of Namibia that such certification is obtained by a private local company.

The only other Namibian company that had obtained similar status (ACC3) was AirNamibia.

The RA3 designation stands as a testament to Paragon Aviation’s commitment to safety, security, and excellence. It showcases the company’s adherence to international regulations and its dedication to upholding the principles of air cargo and air mail security.

The designation is valid for a maximum of three years and Paragon Aviation Services must notify the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) of any organizational, staff, or procedural changes promptly. This ensures that the company remains compliant with EU standards at all times.

Being able to handle high-risk cargo or mail for the EU implies the significant responsibility and trust vested in Paragon Aviation Services to ensure the safety and security of the cargo they handle.

The achievement of RA3 status marks a new chapter in Paragon Aviation Services’ journey while the company navigates the intricate waters of international aviation regulations, this designation stands as a beacon of the company’s commitment to excellence, safety, and global compliance.

Amongst the processes audited, is Paragon Aviation Services Regulated Agent Security Programme, Dangerous Goods Programme and Regulated Agent(Ra) status as approved by Namibia Civil Aviation Authority and in compliance with ICAO regulations. Paragon Aviation Services(Pty) Ltd is owned by Paragon Investment Holdings(Pty) Ltd, which operates other integrated Aviation related services in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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