Parliamentary Chair urges vigilancefor enhanced personal security

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation, Modestus Amutse, has emphasised the critical role of cybersecurity in enhancing personal security.
Speaking at the 7th National Youth Summit, Amutse highlighted the importance of proactive participation in cybersecurity programs under the theme “Re-thinking cybersecurity investment to secure the digital economy and its opportunities.”
He stressed the necessity to fortify cybersecurity to remain vigilant and extend a helping hand to protect one another. He mentioned recent media reports that drew attention to criminal syndicates exploiting ICT to engage youth in fraudulent activities and abhorrent practices like human trafficking.
In addition, he encouraged participation in cybersecurity awareness creation campaigns, focusing on multiple benefits, including protecting digital identity and privacy, safeguarding financial transactions, fostering a safer digital community, supporting national security, building trust in online interactions, stimulating innovation and technological growth, and enabling a resilient digital economy. The Parliamentarian emphasised that investing in cybersecurity is not merely about acquiring the latest technology but also about cultivating a culture of security within organisations and communities. He called for accelerated cyber-education, targeted research and development, reskilling the workforce, and creating a supportive legal framework to bolster cybersecurity.
“The Namibian youth, being digital natives are key contributors to this effort, possessing a unique perspective to leverage technology for their benefit while mitigating risks,” he said.
Amutse urged everyone to embrace the challenge and become champions of a safe digital economy for a more prosperous and secure digital future.
Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council, Sharonice Busch, supported this stance by stating that there is no contestation regarding the benefits of the digital economy.
However, she stressed that the youth must not shy away from the fact that cybersecurity is fast becoming a necessity and not just an option.
“We cannot ignore that cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, posing a significant risk to individuals, organisations and even nations,” she said. Busch added that the youth must rethink their approach to cybersecurity investment to fully secure the digital economy and its opportunities.
“Investing in cybersecurity is not just about purchasing the latest technology or software. It is about creating a culture of security within our organisations and communities, accelerating cyber-education from the grassroots to, especially, policy-makers,” she said.

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