Passports, Visa applications now online

Steve Nashama

With the launch of online applications for Passports and short-term Employment Permits yesterday, the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Albert Kawana said cases of corruption pertaining to the issuance of work visas and passports will be minimized.
Kawana yesterday introduced online applications for short-term employment permits and passports.

“No more corruption, agents or paying money behind the doors. The online documents application system requires clients to make an online payment for their service straight to government coffers, through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT),” says the minister.

The Minister indicated that there has been many instances happening inside and outside the ministry, in which clients are requested by agents or anonymous persons to pay some amount of money in exchange for document applications. Terming it as corruption and a mistrust of the ministry, Kawana applicants will now directly liaise with the ministry instead of operating through an agent or office officials who in the manual process remain prone to making mistakes.

The employment visa is valid for six months and is issued to foreigners seeking permission to temporarily work in Namibia.

In most cases, money will be paid to the State Revenue account by means of electronic funds transfer, thereby protecting state revenue,” Kawana emphasised.

For the application of passports, applicants will only be required to complete and support application forms. Other documents such as birth certificates and IDs will automatically be generated through system integration.

With the newly introduced system, applicants will choose their booking times for the collection of biometrics data. Kawana further stressed that a lack of transparency, long queues for several hours, and poor service delivery, especially the issuance of identity documents, passports, and work permits are now replaced with embracing technology to reduce the wasteful cost of clients.

He further added that the process will make work easier, reduce the high volume of papers, and create effective accountability through direct service delivery in order to cut the middle person dealings and save clients from scammers and unscrupulous individuals.

The service is accessible through an internet connection, with a phone, laptop, computer or any other device that may permit the applicants to conduct their online applications for Passports and work visas.

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