Patient overflow causes renovation roadblock

Niël Terblanché

Ester Kaapanda, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Works and Transport, in a striking revelation announced that the much-needed renovation of the Katutura Intermediate Hospital has hit a significant hurdle.

Despite a generous allocation of N$40 million for the current financial year, efforts to refurbish the ageing hospital are being hindered by the ongoing challenge of accommodating its many patients.

The Ministry of Works and Transport, tasked with the renovation of government buildings and immovable assets, has expressed gratitude towards the taxpayers for their contributions.

“We have appointed several Namibian contractors, who are actively working on renovating the 7th floor and other sections of the hospital,” Kaapanda stated.

She noted that the process, however, has not been smooth, largely due to the hospital’s status as a major intermediary medical facility receiving patients from all over the country.

The primary obstacle in the renovation process stems from the difficulty in relocating patients.

“The challenge lies in finding alternative spaces for patients during the renovation phases. For instance, as we plan to refurbish the fourth floor, the constant influx of new patients complicates the relocation process,” Kaapanda explained.

She stated that the ministry is committed to completing the renovations within the financial year, as delaying the project could result in the allocated funds being returned to the treasury.

To address these challenges, the Works Ministry has been collaborating with the Executive Director of the Ministry of Health to explore potential solutions.

One such proposal involves seeking alternative accommodation for the patients, possibly at the Central Hospital or other medical facilities.

The situation at Katutura Intermediate Hospital highlights a broader issue in the healthcare sector, where infrastructural upgrades are critically needed yet difficult to implement due to high patient volumes.

The government’s commitment to renovating the hospital is a positive step, but the ongoing logistical challenges underscore the complexity of managing healthcare infrastructure in a high-demand environment.

Kaapanda said the focus remains on ensuring that patient care is not compromised while striving to renovate and enhance the hospital’s facilities.

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