PAY lends helping hand during Covid-19 crises

Staff Writer

Physically Active Youth (PAY) has reach a total of 353 people in 55 households with food and toiletry packages as part of their outreach program carried out during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“The support and resources to power this project are drawn from both corporate and individual support as well as local and international support. We are grateful for the support we received towards our community outreach programme that has ensured the continued engagement and reach of our beneficiaries and their families,” Thuba from PAY said.

Revonia Kahivere, FirstRand Namibia Foundation CSI Manager expressed her gratitude that PAY has been able to assist their participants and families during this time.

“Thank you for lending that helping hand and thinking of your participants in these trying times. We value your input and compassion and the fact that – as a team – we not only look after the educational aspect but the human one as well,” Kahivere said.

PAY supports 15 learners at private schools with devices as well as weekly data support in order to enable them to participate in eLearning programs with their schools.

Additionally, PAY concurrently runs multiple programs on various platforms such as life skills support, offline and online academic support, at home sport workouts and airtime support to some of their seniors studying from home. In addition to this, the intention is to open the centre in a phased approach, with 5 students at a time – keeping in line with the public gathering and social distancing regulations and hygiene standards.

Students will be rotated. The pilot of this re-opening project will start at the end of this week.

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