PDM condemns exorbitant electricity prices

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has expressed concern towards the costs of electricity, emphasising the urgent need for transparency and accountability from all involved stakeholders.

PDM Member of Parliament Hidipo Hamata, said there should be clarity on the factors contributing to the inflated prices, while underscoring the necessity for both government and regulatory bodies to prioritise the welfare of people
“We demand an end to the delays and bureaucratic hurdles faced by consumers, particularly in remote areas in accessing essential infrastructure such as transformers. Every Namibian has the right to reliable and affordable electricity, and no one should be subjected to undue hardships or additional financial burdens in obtaining basic connection services.

We stand united in our condemnation of unjust electricity prices and call for immediate action to rectify this situation. Electricity should be a service that empowers our people, not one that burdens them with unaffordable costs,” he stressed.

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