PDM pledges major agricultural investments in Kavango

Niël Terblanché

At a campaign rally in Divundu, Kavango East, McHenry Venaani, the President of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), outlined a vision for transforming the agricultural landscape of the two Kavango regions into a thriving hub of prosperity for Namibia.

Addressing supporters over the past weekend, Venaani stressed the untapped potential of the two regions and committed to allocating at least ten percent of the national budget to agriculture should PDM win the upcoming presidential and national elections in November.

The PDM’s ambitious plan for the country’s agricultural sector promises to create a plethora of job opportunities for the youth, enhance water accessibility through the drilling of more boreholes, and improve crop yields with the provision of better seeds to farmers.

Venaani’s strategy extends beyond agricultural development, with a focus on leveraging modern farming practices to support social grants, thereby addressing broader social welfare issues in the country.

In his pledge to the Namibian people, Venaani also committed to overhauling the legal framework, promising to scrap and amend laws that, in his view, do not serve the average citizen’s interests.

The PDM leader’s proposals include a significant reduction in the number of ministries, aiming to streamline government operations and reduce bureaucracy.

Venaani also addressed the pressing issue of human-wildlife conflict in the two Kavango regions, vowing to implement measures that will mitigate these incidences, which have long posed challenges to both local communities and wildlife conservation efforts.

As the November elections approach, the PDM’s promises have set the stage for a critical discourse on the future of Namibia’s agricultural sector and its role in driving economic growth and social development.

Venaani’s campaign rally at Divundu has placed renewed emphasis on the potential for agriculture to become a cornerstone of prosperity in Namibia.

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