PDM prepares for 2024 elections

Martin Endjala

The Popular Democratic Movement has commenced with its mobilization campaigns aimed at reaching a wider audience, with Manuel Ngaringombe, secretary general emphasizing the party’s promises to have an increased political participation.

An interactive website is needed to engage and inform the electorate online.

Ngaringombe was speaking today at the launch of the PDM website in Windhoek.

PDM will present its message directly to the Namibian electorate, mobilize support during and between campaigning periods, as well as engage supporters and adversaries in dialogue and debate.

The PDM website will also be seen as a component in an online strategy for communication and mobilization, a strategy which may also encompass official and unofficial party blogs and general purpose social networking.

The ultimate goal of the PDM website is to be a source of useful and relevant party information.

Therefore, the information role of the PDM website is an arena for direct communication from the party to the citizens, on top of print media and other mass media communication channels.

Such direct communication is of paramount importance in ensuring fast and transparent dissemination of vital party information, said Ngaringombe.

The website, the PDM SG also alluded will be a platform that the party will be using during its 2024 election campaigns.

The good number of Namibian electorate, who are politically engaged, has warranted the party’s

engagement objective which is to stimulate increased engagements and ultimately using the PDM website for political communication, said the SG.

Furthermore, the promise of increased political participation, induced by the political implications of the web, have led to the website to be more than just a one-way information channel to support dialogue between the PDM and the citizens but also to facilitate discussion forums open to party officials and the electorate.

The speedy development of this interactive website are said to partly promote and adhere to the recently passed Access to Information Act which aims to promote the public’s free access to information held by public entities, and to compel public and private entities to proactively and promptly make information available to ensure that the nation is informed.

“We are pleased to release this long-awaited interactive website that will engage and benefit the Namibian electorate with vital PDM information on route to the 2024 national election. An informed nation is a powerful nation”, Ngaringombe emphasized.

The appearance of the PDM website, he said, is user friendly with the objective of providing excellent user satisfaction. The website will have links to the party’s social media platforms for smooth integration of information between the website and all social media platforms.

Therefore, Ngaringombe believes that website will be a powerful tool that will be used to engage the youth and adults.

The site has four distinct features namely, Information, interactivity, mobilization and engagement.

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