PDM Youth League given a clean sweep

Tujoromajo Kasuto

THE Top Six of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) have resolved to undertake a new restructuring process that gives the Youth League (YL) Management Committee (MC) a clean sweep starting from the branch, constituency and regional level.

This started with relieving the current Secretary General (SG) of the PDMYL,Bensen Katjirijova, and Vice-Chairperson, Felicia Motinga, from their positions with immediate effect. This decision has been taken recognising that both Katjirijova and Motinga are above the age of 35. Furthermore, according to PDM SG, Manuel Ngarigombe, it was important to relieve the duo from their positions in the PDMYL MC to allow them to effectively and efficiently exercise their duties in the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the mother body.

Katjirijova serves as the Secretary for Organisation and Mobilisation for and Motinga as the Secretary for Gender Equality and Female Empowerment On the mother body. While the restructuring process takes place to convene the National Congress again, Yvette Araes, who serves as the PDMYL Deputy Secretary General, is now the Acting Secretary General of the PDM Youth League for six months.

She will serve with Vakamuina Kamutuezu, the Secretary for Finance on the Management Committee.

The terms of the current National Executive Committee Secretaries of the PDMYL have also been extended by a further six months until the National Congress is convened and concluded. Additionally, with immediate effect the PDM has resolved to disband all 14 Regional Executive Committees, which were restructured during the run up to the collapsed National Congress in 2021.

Ngarigombe says the restructuring will ensure the constitutional structures of the PDMYL are intact and functional, but also to avoid the fracas that led to the National Congress of 2021 collapsing. Hence, the Management Committee of the Youth League will draft a road map to ensure that this exercise is completed within the next six months before the National Congress is convened.
To ensure a smooth, transparent and accountable restructuring process, the Top Six further has also resolved to appoint a Working Committee that will oversee the work of the Management Committee of the PDMYL during the restructuring process.

Hence, the Management Committee of the PDMYL will be required to report weekly to the Working Committee, which will in turn report to the Top Six. Thimotheus Shihumbu is its Chairperson, Roberto Dirkse Secretary and Lahja Nashuuta a general member.



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