PDMYL hits back at SPYL

Staff Writer

The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) has fired back at the statements made by Swapo Party Youth League secretary for Kavango East region, Anselm Marungu in interview with a local newspaper, The Namibian.

PDMYL acting secretary general Yvette Araes said the statement made by Marungu ignore the critical role that opposition political parties play in a functioning democracy.

“Healthy, resilient democracies are based on inclusiveness, in which all political parties big or small, representatives of institutions are in key positions to safeguard our democracy. When groups perpetuate the exclusion of individuals from the democratic process or the wider civic life of their country, the quality of governance suffers, and elected officials lack vital diversity and input on state priorities,” said Araes.

According to an article in The Namibia newspaper that was published yesterday Marungu, who was elected for a second term last weekend for the region’s youth wing, warned young people in the region not to be misled by fly-by-night political parties based on anger, frustration and power-hungry people. Araes said political parties, large and small, are the primary gatekeepers for candidates seeking to participate in a country’s politics. As a result, parties have the considerable power over the degree of diversity and inclusivity.

“The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) advocates for a high degree of inclusivity and equal participation of the masses in Namibian politics to continuously advance the Namibian democracy,” she explained.

She called on SPYL national secretary Ephraim Nekongo to summon Marungu and ensure that such remarks are never repeated again.

“We cannot have young people who disregard the basic tenets and bedrock of our democracy, which is the right to political activity as enshrined under Article 17 of our Constitution,” she concluded.

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