Peacefull protest planned at Parliamentin support of controversial Marriage Bill

Niël Terblanché

Pendapala Nakathingo, the Chairperson of the Stop Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriages Committee called on all Namibians who believe in protecting and defending African culture to convene at the Namibian Parliament.

The committee’s intent is to witness the approval of the controversial “Marriage Bill” also referred to as the “Spouse Bill”, which is being pushed by Jerry Ekandjo with the primary goal of prohibiting homosexuality and same-sex marriages in Namibia.

The Chairperson emphasized that if the bill is tabled and approved on the scheduled day of 19th September 2023, the assembly at Parliament would be concluded with “ululation and salutation” to celebrate the Parliamentarians who, according to Nakathingo, respected the alleged demands of the majority of Namibians.

However, Nakathingo also issued a warning: if the Parliament does not table and approve the Bill during the designated week, the committee will decide on a subsequent course of action.

Despite the charged nature of the gathering, attendance at the event is free of charge, and Nakathingo has commanded all attendees to maintain peace, act respectfully, and refrain from bringing any weapons.

This call and the upcoming bill have already attracted attention and have become a topic of heated discussion among Namibians and international observers. It remains to be seen how this legislative move and public gathering will impact Namibia’s sociopolitical landscape.

Nakathingo has specified a dress code for the event, encouraging attendees to don traditional attires representing all tribes in Namibia. For those without traditional dress, the directive states that men should wear trousers and women should opt for skirts or dresses.

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