PM advocates for self-renewal of regional councils

Martin Endjala

Prime Minister Saara Kugongelwa-Amahila has urged regional councils to undergo self-renewal by carrying out promises and programmes in addressing the problems of the people and to look after the interest of their people.

Amadhila said that, they must see them through the restructuring of the economy, so that they can meet new challenges, and seize the opportunities ahead as one united people.

She was speaking today at the official opening ceremony of the Extra-Ordinary Congress of the Association of Regional Councils (ARC) at mile 4 – Caravan Park in Swakopmund, Erongo Region.

The congress will address several key issues, among them the setting a road map for ARC’s five year strategic planning process and framework.

Decentralization is one way of bringing Government services closer to the people, with the reviewed status of decentralization in Namibia and assessed progress made regarding the implementation of the decentralization policy which has been in operation since 1997.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development drafted a Decentralization Implementation Plan in which the government reaffirms its commitment to advance genuine participatory democracy and inclusive socio-economic development by the people for the people.

Doing this, the PM said, requires firm commitments and political will to create conditions necessary for the people to prosper and live a dignified life.

She stressed that the mandate entrusted onto them by the Namibian people to govern the country on their behalf, should not be taken for granted.

“Our country’s reputation for good governance is one of our most precious assets which we must continue to treasure,” said Amadhila.

Moreover, the involvement of young people in the social, economic and political spheres is the key to sustaining ongoing development journey. And the destinations will not be reached if the youth is not part of the development journey, stating that there is no development if the youth is excluded.

With unemployment rate currently standing at 34.0 %, of which the 43.4% of the unemployed people are said to be between the ages of 15-34 years old, according to the National Statistic Agency, this is a challenge that should be addressed collectively and need urgent attention from all stakeholders.

Amadhile therefore, stresses the need to develop and harness human resource capacity in order to address the challenge of youth unemployment, to capacitate them to contribute towards employment creation and self-reliance.

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