PM wants Namibians to take ownership of NDP6

Martin Endjala

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has urged all Namibians to take ownership of the Sixth National Development Plan, stating that it should be a rallying call for all Namibians to achieve what they want.

She made these remarks yesterday during the Launch of the NDP6 formulation process in Windhoek, which will be officially launched in March 2025. The first consultative conference is slated for May next year and the second conference with the wider public is slated for September next year.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila emphasized that the NDP6 serves as the developmental goal framework which creates great significance to Namibia’s planning, especially during unprecedented challenges stemming from the collapse of commodities, inflation rates and geopolitics.

She argued that the formulation process of the implementation of the NDP6 which is the last for Vision 2030, should be a plan of determination and courage to bring about the betterment of all Namibian people.

It was on these grounds that the Prime Minister extended her call to every Namibian, to play their part and contribute to the NDP6 “so that it cannot just be another plan but to be a plan that speaks to them in terms of what they want and to realise the dream of vision 2030”.

She stressed that NDP6 must identify game changers and innovations and ensure resource allocations and interventions, as well as ensure that the country’s resources are scaled up to existing frameworks.

Given the evolving world, the Prime Minister reiterated that Namibia cannot afford to be left behind and therefore it needs to transform its innovative ways to lower areas such as villages to ensure inclusivity and to decentralize such innovations going forward.

She further stressed that the NDP6 should consolidate new realities into tangible results, such as industrialization, employment and wealth.

Meanwhile, the National Planning Commission Director General Obert Kandoze says that the formulation process of the NDP6 implementation will serve as a road map for Vision 2030, thereby ensuring that all sectors are counted for.

He said that the National Planning Commission is currently in the process of drafting the NDP6, which is the last plan of its long-term plan, Vision 2030. Considering this, NPC is launching the formulation process of the NDP6, to inform the nation on the developmental journey.

NPC will then embark on wider consultations that will follow soon after the launch. The launch is under the theme, Intensify Economic Recovery, Inclusiveness and Resilience to ensure Quality and Sustainable Development for all Namibians.

He also indicated that with the National Census survey commencing after it was halted due to covid-19, the NPC will soon announce the population growth in the country, which will serve as a pacesetter when formulating NDP6.

To address where the shortcomings are in terms of population growth and the pressure of social advancements, although not counted yet, the pressure is already mounting, hence the need to do a proper survey and therefore, stating that planning must play a role.

Moreover, NPC is spearheading the NDP6 draft formulation in collaboration with Harvard Growth Lab and in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprise, Ministry of Urban and Rural Development as well as the Ban of Namibia and the likes.

Kandjoze further refuted allegations that Namibia was granted a loan by the Dutch government saying that this is false and malicious intent, adding that no loan was granted to Namibia and a grant is what it is.

He noted that Namibia has facilities built on grants, while also stressing that a grant can never be a loan and that this must be understood.

In terms of the Green Hydrogen prospects, the Director General said that the cabinet has directed all governors to visit all 14 regions to meet with Traditional leaders to explain and sensitise on the employment opportunities and economic growth it will have on their region.

Their first visit kicks off in the //Kharas region next month and next in line is the Hardap region and then fan out to the rest of the regions.

Meanwhile, the NDP6 national objective is seeking to address employment creation, reducing poverty and reducing inequality.

In terms of its philosophy, it is advocating for the free market, developmental state, mixed economy, planned economy, and varying degree challenges, to advocate for real government coordination between sectors and create a mutual understanding between public and private sectors.

The NDP6 is further seeking that government coordination be integrated vertically, from central to local government, or it to be a people’s centred partnership.

It will also look at mega trends and emerging issues, such as population shift and population growth shift, it is also projected by the Namibia Statistics Agency in terms of Urban and Rural population, the rural population will decrease by 2041 due to urban migration.

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