Police advocate for measures to trace rented vehicles

Stefanus Nashama

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) is advocating for strict measures and methods to trace rental vehicles.

This is according to a report released by NamPol’s spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, last week.

“The car hire industry is being targeted, and therefore, the police want to encourage stringent measures and methods when transacting vehicle hire,” she said.

Shikwambi said the police statistics revealed that most reported vehicle thefts occurred in retail areas.

“Theft of motor vehicles, especially at rental places, is increasing because our statistics at the motor vehicle theft unit reveal that most reported vehicles are stolen from rental companies. They are stolen under the false pretence of renting and subsequently disappear in a foreign country,” she highlighted.

Shikwambi also pointed out that some agents enter into contracts to rent vehicles but end up selling that particular vehicle.

She added that some agents are given vehicles for registration; however, they disappear with the cars or sell them to another person.

Shikwambi informed that the police have encouraged agents to verify credentials before hiring out their vehicles to anyone.

According to her, this would minimise the risk of such rising incidences.

“They must report immediately as soon as the vehicle tracker is disabled or the vehicle is reporting a location where it is not supposed to be,” she urged.

Shikwambi emphasised that anyone planning to buy a vehicle from an individual should always verify the documents and engage the motor vehicle theft investigation unit in Windhoek to confirm the vehicle’s status.

She reiterated that this will help avoid illegal transactions that can lead to trouble with the law.

NamPol has been alerted to this issue and is working to prevent vehicle theft, she added.

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