Police needs assistance in identifying murder victim

Niël Terblanché

The Namibian Police in the Erongo Region have requested the public to assist them in identifying a man suspected to have been murdered in the DRC neighbourhood of Swakopmund during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

According to the incident report provided by the head of the community affairs division of the Erongo Police, Inspector Ileni Shapumba, members of the community found the victim in Ombili Street in a pool of blood.

Upon further inquiry, Inspector Shapumba said that the deceased person was found at about 01:30 and that he was fatally stabbed with a sharp object.

“The available evidence revealed that the deceased was found with bare feet and he was laying on his back with his clothes soaked in blood,” he said.

Inspector Shapumba said that the police have been unable to identify the man, who is estimated to be aged between 34 and 37. He added that the victim is dark in complexion.

“We request anyone that is able to identify the deceased person or anyone with more information about the attack to urgently contact Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu at 081 246 4757 or Detective Warrant Officer Cletus Kabuku at 081 391 0671,” he requested.

Such information could also be provided to the nearest police station.

“The police are following up on the matter with confidence and the public will be informed once the victim or the suspects in the mindless murder is identified,” he concluded.

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