Police officers reminded to remain humble servants

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Namibian Police Force Chief Joseph Shikongo, has reminded promoted police officers to continue serving the nation as usual and not develop the attitude of bosses.

Shikongo speaking was during the Parade on Promotion of Officers and Conferment of Ranks at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College in Windhoek this week.

The Parade saw a total of 911 men and women in uniform promoted to different ranks within the police force, of which 490 were men and 421 were women.

Shikongo announced that 50 members of the police force were promoted from Inspector to Chief Inspector, 300 were promoted from Inspector to Senior Inspector, 469 were promoted from Warrant Officer 1 to Inspector, 90 were promoted from Warrant Officer 2 to Warrant Officer 1, while only two were promoted from Sergeant 2 to Sergeant 1.

However, the Inspector General cautioned those promoted that they should not see promotion as a mere decoration, or just a reward to an officer or a member, because it comes with huge responsibilities over their shoulders, and these include a high level of accountability, commitment, command and control and honesty in upholding the rule of law.

“I must emphasise that the higher you go, the more responsibility you get, but above all, you will be expected to oversee the work of others in serving and protecting our communities and the general public, from criminals. It is therefore expected of all promoted officers to always perform their duties to the best of their ability and to account to the laws, authorities and people of this land, at all times,” stated Shikongo.

Additionally, all promoted officers are expected to continue working hard, maintain a high level of discipline and improve service delivery. They should not relax and feel that they have now become bosses, and they should always remember that they are police officers and they must serve and protect the people.

“I would also like to indicate that, you are promoted today into leadership positions, hence, as commanders in your respective portfolios and levels, you are hereby encouraged to harness the power of effective leadership to drive progress and prosperity within the Namibian Police Force.

You are further urged to come up with crime prevention initiatives and or devise new operational strategies and tactics, to ensure that the Namibian Police Force, together with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders, remain relevant in a modern policing world. You should lead by example in upholding the functions, and values of the Force, and take note that it is also your duty and responsibility to instil discipline among your subordinates,” Shikongo advised.

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