Police records zero perceived looting incidents

Andrew Kathindi

Khomas police commander, Commissioner Ishmael Basson has says no incidents of attempted looting were recorded on Friday 16 July after a social media post in which an individual was inciting and encouraging Namibians to loot malls in Windhoek circulated.

“So far there {there} has been no attempt or any sign of any looting. The situation is under control and monitored, and the Namibian police is ready for any eventuality. But there is no sign of anything, we did not hear or see anything,” Basson told Windhoek Observer.

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga warned that any Namibians who try and loot would face the full wrath of the law, cautioning that Namibians should not step on the tail of a sleeping lion. Dozens of police officers on Friday were spotted around several shopping areas in Windhoek, including Maerua Mall and Grove Mall, with a police helicopter also seen hovering over the city. However, Basson could not divulge just how many police officers in total were dispatched to monitor the potential looting. “We are not saying how many, but all those strategic points, malls, you name them, are under our watchful eye.”

Several armed response security services [operators] also prepared for rumoured social media looting with G4S Security Services Operations Director, Steven Mertens, informing his clients that they were working with the Namibian police to prevent any incident from happening.

According to Khomas Police Commander, no arrests have been made yet into the origins of the social media post inciting looting in Windhoek. However, one person was interrogated by the Police as investigations continue.

“There is one person that was taken in for question. He was identified as one the originators, not sure of the message or forwarding the message but one was identified. The investigation is ongoing,” he says

“There was no arrest made. He was only brought in to be interrogated.”

Rumours of looting are after thousands of people in South Africa have for the past week, been helping themselves to basics with fears that this might spill over.

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