Police station commander of Leonardville arrested for stock theft

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

An investigation into an incident of stock theft led to the arrest of Inspector Ursula Binga, the commander of Leonardville police station and wife of Gobabis local authority councillor Sylvester Binga.

Inspector Binga was arrested on Monday for allegedly taking sheep that were meant to be in police custody for her personal use.

Commissioner Andreas Haingura, the Omaheke Regional Police Commander, confirmed the arrest.

Reports suggest that Binga was arrested two weeks after the case was registered, raising concerns about abuse of power within law enforcement.

She allegedly used her authority, even enlisting the assistance of senior commanders, to conceal her actions.

Critics point out that there would have been immediate action if a junior officer had committed a similar offence.

Social activist Michael Amushelelo, in a social media post, criticised the apparent leniency towards Binga compared to the action taken against a constable found with a fake Grade 12 certificate.

He demanded immediate action to guarantee the execution of justice.

“A person in a position of authority abused their powers. A constable was arrested for having a fake Grade 12 certificate. However, you guys are protecting this station commander who stole livestock, which is an even more serious crime,” said Amushelelo.

Cadet constable Yule Nashidhiga (28) was arrested at the Ruben Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre in the Oshana Region last month.

He was charged with submitting a forged Grade 12 certificate during his application to join the police between March and June 2023.

He appeared before the Oshakati Magistrate Court and was granted bail of N$1,500.

The Gobabis Magistrate Court granted Binga bail of N$4,000 during her first appearance on a charge of stock theft.

When approached for comment, Binga declined to provide any comment on the matter.

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