Political parties accused of only remembering workers in election years

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Social activist and member of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Michael Amushelelo, said when it comes to addressing workers’ sufferings, only his party responds, while other political parties do nothing but watch from a distance.

He accused other parties of only remembering workers’ sufferings during the election years.

Amushelelo was responding to comments made by Independent Patriots for Change’s (IPC) Rudolf Kahingunga of the party’s Department of Employment Affairs on Thursday.

“Most political parties sit back and relax. When workers are asking for assistance, there is only one political party that responds, and that is NEFF. Now that it’s an election, all of a sudden, they know about the suffering of workers but never even once stood up to defend workers against exploitation”’ said Amushelelo.

The IPC released a statement on Workers’ Day, in which it says that the day should not only serve as a political platform, but also as a crucial chance for trade unions to advocate for genuine economic and social justice for workers.

However, Amushelelo was quick to point out that when workers are being exploited and crying for help, other political parties are nowhere to be seen and only appear when they want votes from the same workers they have ignored.

The IPC further stated that in Namibia, the workforce faces significant challenges, such as massive inequality, rampant unemployment, unsafe working conditions, and persistent exploitation through practices like retrenchment, outsourcing, and labour hire, most notably in critical sectors such as mining.

The party is of the opinion that these issues not only undermine the dignity of workers but also threaten the nation’s peace, stability, and prosperity.

According to the IPC, an alarming number of youths are facing a future marred by crime and vulnerability instead of opportunity and security.

“The IPC recognises these pressing challenges. More importantly, we are committed to addressing them head-on. Our mission is to restore the opportunities that have been stripped from the Namibian people and to ensure that every worker—whether in the fishing docks of Walvis Bay or the mines of the Namib Desert—is respected, protected, and fairly compensated,” said Kuhanga.

He added that his party’s commitment extends to the improvement of working conditions across all sectors, with a special focus on farmworkers, domestic workers, and security guards.

He called on eligible voters to recognise their power and exercise their rights, not only through valuable labour but by making their voices heard in the upcoming national election.

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