Politicians must pronounce their position on homosexuality

Stefanus Nashama

Former Cabinet Minister Helmut Angula says all politicians and elected officials should clearly pronounce themselves where they stand on the issue of homosexuality.

Angula said homosexuality has become a national issue that requires serious attention from everyone, particularly the leaders of the country.

The silence of leaders and elected officials on the issue of same-sex marriage (homosexuality) has grown to a shocking understanding that Namibian leaders have not yet clearly pronounced themselves on the matter.

He said the public, the government, and the judiciary are being led to believe that homosexuality is normal with interactions and results equivalent to heterosexuality.

He, however, pointed out that the practice is contrary to African cultural values and its history.

“All politicians and parliamentarians should come to light and tell us where they stand on this issue. They should restore the credibility of African culture, values and traditions. They should not be quiet about homosexuality nor promote its agenda,” he said.

He reiterated that homosexuality is not within the provision of the Namibian law, it is being transferred from other constitutions, and therefore, leaders should do something to protect the Namibians from the so-called same-sex marriage. He said it was not correct for the Supreme Court to deliver a judgement in favour of same-sex marriage, adding that there is a petition going around for people to sign for the removal of the law of same-sex marriage made by the Supreme Court.

“We will call a referendum to entrench the laws that are not in the interest of our nations. We cannot contract to laws of other constitutions in our country,” he said. The Former Swapo Party pokesperson made these remarks following the same-sex marriage judgement delivered by Chief Justice Peter Shivute in the Supreme Court last week. In the judgement, the Supreme Court has also ordered the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security to recognise same-sex marriage.

Angula said the real aim of homosexuality is to reduce the African population; therefore, there is no need to follow the Supreme Court judgement by individuals. He stated that Namibians are seriously offended by same-sex marriage and under attack by the Supreme Court judgement.

“We cannot have people contradict such a law. We are against the judgment of the Supreme Court. You cannot allow people to go out for same-sex marriage and let them come back to practice homosexuality in the country. That should not be allowed,” he said.

Homosexuality is not in the interest of the majority of Namibians, and it is dangerous to our society, economy and production since there will be no young people left, he emphasised.

He called on the cultural and religious groups, and leaders to reject the nonsensical of same-sex marriage and so-called homosexuality in Namibia.

“People and social groups should approach institutions especially the Western to stop interfering in the African cultures,” he urged. He cautioned that people should be aware that homosexuality is terrible and not a small thing to play with because it will bring about discrimination and physical fights between those against it and those supporting it. “We should be guided by our morals and cultural norms and values, other laws that have no meaning to our nation cannot guide us,” he said.

Angula called upon Namibians to reject the judgment of the Supreme Court and to say no to homosexuality in Namibia and Africa.

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