PSEMAS collects N$23 million in arrears

The Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises, in collaboration with the PSEMAS Coordinating Committee, has initiated the comprehensive reform agenda for the Public Service Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS). The first phase of this reform has been completed, with the Cabinet endorsing the recommendations outlined in the PSEMAS Technical Review Report. Currently, the second phase, involving implementation, is underway.

Additionally, the ministry has successfully concluded phase three of the re-registration project for members and dependents, and in phase four, has managed to collect approximately N$23 million in arrear contributions. The enhancement of the membership management system has been postponed to accommodate the upgrade of the PSEMAS IFMS medical aid module.

Furthermore, the Ministry has conducted two engagement sessions with PSEMAS stakeholders and intends to continue these sessions on a bi-annual basis. The contracts with healthcare service providers and administrators have been extended until 31 April 2023 to facilitate the finalization of the reform process. All provider claims have been promptly settled within the stipulated timeframe.

Moving forward, the Ministry will oversee the completion of immediate and medium to long-term reforms, focusing on reviewing the Governance Structure and benefit design for PSEMAS. Contract and claims management will continue to be handled through the Administrator, while the re-registration of PSEMAS members and dependents will persist.

It is noteworthy that PSEMAS currently serves over 297,000 civil servants, including approximately 5,000 pensioners and their families.

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