PstBet NFA Cup 2024: Championing Gender Inclusivity

The stage is set for a groundbreaking edition of the PstBet NFA Cup, as the 2024 tournament welcomes the participation of teams from the FNB Women Super League.

The stakes are higher than ever, with the women’s winning team poised to claim a significant prize of N$240,000, underlining the commitment to rewarding excellence and fostering growth in women’s football. Runner-ups will receive N$160,000, while third and fourth place teams will each be awarded N$80,000.

Hon. Dr. Emma Kantema, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Services, commended PstBet and the Namibia Football Association (NFA) for their dedication to creating opportunities for Namibian girls to excel in sports. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Dr. Kantema highlighted the significance of including a dedicated women’s competition in this year’s edition, emphasizing the importance of gender inclusivity and empowerment.

The campaign slogan #YesSheCan encapsulates the spirit of the tournament, symbolizing the belief in the capabilities and potential of female athletes in Namibia. The integration of FNB Women Super League teams into the Round of 8 reflects a milestone in the evolution of women’s football in the country.

Lovisa Mulunga, captain of FC Ongos Ladies and a key player for the Brave Gladiators, expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to compete in the PstBet NFA Cup. Mulunga hailed the support from FNB as the official sponsor of the Women Super League and applauded PstBet for their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment in sports.

As the countdown to kickoff begins, anticipation is building for a historic edition of the PstBet NFA Cup, where the Namibian football community will come together to celebrate diversity, talent, and the boundless potential of the country’s athletes.

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