Railway regulator on the cards

The establishment of the Namibia Railway Safety Regulator (NRSR) is important in enhancing the safety and efficiency of the railway network.

The NRSR will play a pivotal oversight role in ensuring the safety of the railway system, proactively improving its standards, and preventing safety incidents, the parliamentary standing committee on economics and public administration has observed in a report.

The NRSR will be responsible for implementing progressive monitoring practices. This involves continuous surveillance to identify and address potential safety hazards before they happen or escalate into major incidents. Regular inspections of the railway network, coupled with comprehensive safety audits of rail operators’ systems, will be integral to this effort.

The NRSR will serve as the primary authority responsible for investigating railway safety incidents. In the event of accidents or safety breaches, the NRSR will conduct thorough investigations to identify root causes.

The committee said the NRSR should work closely with TransNamib, other relevant authorities, and industry stakeholders to collectively address safety challenges and improve the overall safety standards of the railway network.

The parliamentarians believe that the establishment of the Namibia Railway Authority (NRA) is a critical step in the effective management and development of Namibia’s railway infrastructure. The NRA’s primary focus will be on regulating and overseeing the country’s railway operations, ensuring that they align with national objectives and adhere to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The establishment of the NRA will significantly contribute to the efficient, safe, and sustainable management of Namibia’s railway sector.

The NRA will serve as the regulatory authority for all railway development, maintenance, and operations in Namibia. This includes monitoring railway service providers to ensure they adhere to safety standards, service quality, and environmental regulations.

The report said the NRA will actively engage in the planning and development of railway infrastructure projects, by working closely with the Ministry of Works & Transport and Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises. This includes overseeing the expansion, upgrading, and maintenance of railway lines and related facilities to meet the evolving needs of the nation.

The NRA is also expected to explore avenues for attracting both domestic and foreign investments into the railway sector. This will involve the identification of financing sources and mechanisms to support railway projects that contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

The report said ensuring the safety and security of railway operations will be a top priority for the NRA. It will collaborate with relevant authorities including NRSR to address safety concerns and enhance security measures across the railway network.

“The NRA will work towards making railway operations more sustainable. This includes exploring initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of railway services, improve energy efficiency, and promote responsible resource management. The NRA will encourage fair competition in the railway sector, promoting market efficiency and offering opportunities for private sector participation,” the report concluded.

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