REAL ESTATE JOINT: Kiss the ‘frogs’ for the house bargains

Malcolm Ndjiharine

“Think outside the trash…RECYCLE.” That’s a quote that moves in the circles of the environmental conscious folks in society, which I think can perfectly fit in real estate as well.

Last year there was an ‘auntie’ that wanted to sell her 3 bedroom house which was in a very bad state, almost to say it was like trash or an ugly frog (if I could share the pictures you would agree). She told me she wanted to sell it for N$735 000 so I brought in a cash buyer to look at the house and I told her he was interested in buying it, but for only N$500 000. In that moment, auntie was on the brink of cursing the buyer that I brought and me. Long story short, we settled on N$550 000 excluding costs. This buyer ended up with a 3 bedroom house in Wanaheda for only N$550 000 because he was able to think and see outside the trash and be willing to recycle. This buyer then fixed up the house nicely spending about N$65 000 and then selling it for N$750 000 4 months later.

Here is my point, remember the story of the princess that kissed the ugly frog to unlock her handsome prince? Well that’s what you also need to do when house hunting for bargains. Go for the houses that nobody wants because they seem ugly and seem like they need a lot of work, that’s how you can unlock your dream home.

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