REAL ESTATE JOINT: Shoot your shot

Malcolm Ndjiharine

So you see an advert of a house that you feel is very nice and it’s either in your price range or slightly above but then you stumble and hesitate. Instead of calling immediately, you send a text or if it’s on Facebook, you comment on the ad asking if it’s negotiable or when you can view. What? Are you serious? This is a common problem I see with many potential homebuyers.

“Our lives improve only when we take chances.” This quote by Walter Anderson sums up my point. When you see a house that you think is a great bargain, call immediately and ask to see the house immediately. This little act can change your life forever.

Here is the cherry on the cake, if the price is a little out of your price range and you really want the house then this is where you have to shoot your shot. This means submit a written offer of the amount you are comfortable with. When you do this you have 2 possible outcomes: either they accept the offer and your journey to home ownership begins or they will say no. That’s it, you won’t get arrested or beaten up for submitting a reasonable offer which is lower than the asking price but you will stand a chance of getting the house at that offer amount. E.g. house listed for N$900 000 excluding costs and your pre-approval amount is only N$890 000 then you submit an offer of N$890 000 including all costs.

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