Regional empowerment key to resolving Government Garage issues: Mutorwa

Stefanus Nashama

The Minister of Works and Transport, John Mutorwa, has suggested that decentralizing power to the regional level could effectively address the challenges facing government garages.

“As a unitary state, not a central state, it’s essential that some authority concerning government garages is delegated to the regions for a more functional system,” he stated.

Mutorwa made these remarks at a media conference in Windhoek, where he engaged with his staff members. He noted that there are approximately 11 government garages across Namibia.

During the conference, the Minister also emphasized the importance of road construction in the country.

He remarked that post-independence, the government has been dedicated to constructing roads to enhance connectivity.

While acknowledging ongoing efforts to build more roads, he highlighted funding as a major challenge impeding the completion of some projects.

“Contrary to what some may think, road construction is not a waste of money. Roads are vital for connecting and facilitating movement across the country,” Mutorwa reiterated.

In a bid to inspire his staff, Mutorwa urged them to make lasting positive contributions to the government system.

“Being a salary collector is not enough. It’s important to positively serve the public. While we work to sustain ourselves, we should also aim to make a meaningful impact,” he encouraged.

With the impending presidential and national assembly elections, Mutorwa emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of public service and not turning it into a political campaign, as government institutions are primarily meant to serve the nation.

He called on staff members to work collaboratively, noting that “Success has many friends, but failure is an orphan. Great achievements are not the work of an individual, but of a team.”

The Minister also encouraged employees to contribute actively to the country’s development and service delivery.

“Do your bit of good wherever you are; it’s these small acts of good that can overwhelm the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, Esther Kaapanda, the Executive Director of the ministry, outlined several key challenges they face, including the renovation of state hospitals.

She explained the difficulties in relocating patients during renovations, particularly when patients are in unstable conditions.

“We are proactively addressing this challenge, collaborating with the government and relevant stakeholders to find suitable solutions for accommodating patients during renovations,” she said.

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