Regional Workshop on CAF Club Licensing Kicks Off in Addis Ababa

The CAF club licensing regional workshop took place from the 11 to 12 May in Addis Ababa. Hosted at the prestigious Haile Grand Hotel, the event brought together football federations from 18 member countries under the auspices of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

The workshop commenced with an opening address by Mr. Isayas Jira, President of the Ethiopian Football Federation and a member of the CAF executive committee. Mr. Jira extended a warm welcome to all participants, expressing his optimism that the workshop would play a pivotal role in enhancing the standard of football across the African continent.

Mr. Mohammed Sidat, CAF’s Director of Professional Football, lauded Ethiopia’s preparations and generous hospitality. He underscored the workshop’s objective of refining existing knowledge on club licensing, emphasizing key areas such as the utilization of the online licensing platform, the framework of the licensing system, CAF club competitions, and stadium regulations. The program also encompasses activities aimed at fostering awareness, designing stadium evaluation processes, and providing hands-on training.

Mr. Amha Tesfaye, Director of Club Licensing at the Ethiopian Football Federation, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to host this significant workshop. He highlighted the importance of collaboration among member countries in advancing football standards across the continent.

Following the opening remarks, Mr. Mohammed Sidat commenced a comprehensive overview of club licensing activities in Africa. Representatives from various nations, including Namibia, were present, demonstrating a collective commitment to the development of football infrastructure and governance.

The Namibian delegation was represented by First instance Body Chairperson, Julian Guiseb, Appeal Body Chairperson David de Klerk and Club Licencing Manager Mathew Haikali.

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