Relocation and long-distance challenges leave more than 39,000 IDs uncollected

Martin Endjala

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security has identified relocation and long distances as significant hurdles preventing citizens from collecting their National Identity Cards (IDs).

The ministry recently announced that a staggering 39,168 ID cards remain uncollected nationwide.

Margaret Kalo, the Ministry’s spokesperson, addressed the issue by revealing that during the current financial year, the ministry successfully printed a total of 116,354 ID cards.

Out of this number, 77,186 have been handed over to their rightful owners, leaving a concerning 39,168 IDs still awaiting collection.

Kalo highlighted the ministry’s plea to citizens to visit their nearest ministry offices and arrange for the retrieval of their IDs, especially for those who have relocated or can physically collect them.

She pointed out that some of the challenges leading to the non-collection of IDs are linked to long distances.

Many individuals may possess the funds to travel and collect their IDs but face financial constraints in returning to their original locations, thus leading to reluctance. Additionally, poverty plays a significant role in this reluctance.

“Another issue we have identified is that some individuals applied for their IDs in one town but relocated to another without notifying the ministry. Consequently, their cards remain in the town where they initially applied. Furthermore, some used their vacation time to apply for IDs at the nearest office, even though they reside in a different town and failed to specify their preferred collection location,” Kalo explained.

To address these challenges and improve service delivery, Kalo assured the public that the ministry has taken it upon itself to ensure that uncollected IDs are promptly delivered to their rightful owners.

“The ministry encourages all citizens to coordinate with us or their nearest home affairs offices for the transfer of their cards. It’s important to note that the ministry will arrange free-of-charge courier services to deliver the cards anywhere in the country. Let’s take the necessary steps and collect our IDs,” she said.

Kalo underlined the pivotal role IDs play in the lives of many individuals, including facilitating processes such as opening bank accounts and obtaining title deeds, among other essential services. Kalo stressed that the ministry cannot impose a deadline for the collection of IDs since they do not expire and hold significant importance for all citizens.

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