Repatriation of Addis murdered children begins

Staff Writer

The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation has announced that it has begun the process of repatriating the bodies of two children allegedly murdered by their mother, who is the wife of a Namibian diplomat attached at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Namibia in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“The latest is that the young children have been declared dead and the Mission has embarked on a process to facilitate the repatriation of the remains to Namibia and will advise accordingly, as soon as the process has been finalized,” Emilia Mkusa, Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union said.

“The Mission further facilitates to acquire the relevant documents such as death certificates, as well as the repatriation of the remains to Namibia.”

She said the third child (nine years old) who had survived the ordeal, “is in a stable condition and under close supervision.”

Mkusa said the accused mother who is currently being held by authorities in the country and had already appeared in court.

“The mother is in good health and according to the Federal Police, she has appeared in Court. However, the case has been postponed. The mother is currently held at Addis Ababa police cells,” the Ambassador said.

On whether efforts were being made to extradite the accused parent to stand trial in Namibia, she said, “as it is now, there is no Extradition Agreement between Namibia and Ethiopia.”

She said it remains unclear as to what caused the alleged murders.

“Unfortunately, I do not have any information as to what triggered the attack. As such, I am not in a position to say what triggered her actions,” Mkusa said.

“The Embassy continues to provide the necessary support to the husband and the surviving son. Furthermore, the internal security measures are in place to ensure the safety of the family. The Embassy provides emotional support, and all the necessary support that are required by the grieved family.”

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