Road infrastructure in Katima Mulilo severely affected by floods

Niël Terblanché

The first significant rains of the 2024 season have brought both relief and hardship to the residents of Katima Mulilo, Namibia, as streets and residential areas have been inundated with floodwaters, particularly along Hage Geingob Drive.

This flooding situation has been exacerbated by the town’s lack of adequate drainage systems, posing significant challenges to its residents.

The rains began last week and were still falling by yesterday.

As the rain becomes heavy, the ground becomes saturated, causing extensive flooding in low-lying areas where drainage is insufficient.

Raphael Liswaniso, the Chief Executive Officer of the Katima Mulilo Town Council, is leading efforts to address this crisis.

The council has planned to provide sand to affected residents to help level their yards and make the streets accessible again.

In more severe cases where flooding persists, there is even a willingness to temporarily relocate residents to higher ground as a last resort.

Communities in areas like Choto and Cowboy have been particularly affected by the flooding. Many of the houses in these areas are constructed primarily from mud and have become inaccessible and damaged due to the floodwaters.

The deep floodwaters pose a serious risk, especially to children, and some residents have expressed fear for their safety.

Despite the town council’s efforts to mitigate the crisis, there has been criticism from some residents regarding its handling of the situation.

Calls have been made for the construction of a stormwater drainage system to prevent such occurrences in the future. The lack of such infrastructure has been a long-standing issue, and residents are urging immediate action to address this problem and protect their homes and safety.

While rainfall is generally considered a blessing in many parts of the country, for the residents of Katima Mulilo, it brings a recurring challenge that severely impacts their daily lives and safety.

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