Rössing Foundation benefits from golf series

Martin Endjala

The 2023 Nedbank for Good Series which concluded on 6 October 2023 at the Omeya Golf Club, saw a total of N$250,000 being raised for the Rössing Foundation.

The tournament organiser Dan Zwiebel, said the Nedbank for Autism Series was an event that they ran for three years.

“We raised valuable funds, which we channelled to that cause. After three years, we decided to do a name change, as we felt that there are so many charities that need our support, which is why we moved to the Nedbank for Good Series in support of the Rössing Foundation,” he said.

The Executive Director of the Rössing Foundation, Uparura Kuvare, said this year’s contribution received through the Nedbank for Good Series will reach the intended beneficiaries, who are the learners.

“There has been an appreciation of our work in these communities, and thanks to Nedbank and the golf fraternity, we are looking forward to 2024, when we bolster our work to science-based learning in schools.

We want to bring about a scheme that is expanded to reach more learners at schools. For the teachers and learners, it was a great year, and we hope the results for the 2023 examinations will be positive at the 41 schools that we reached so far,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nedbank Namibia’s Head of Private Wealth, Cornell Meeks, said previously the fundraising golf series had raised a total of N$656 000, which benefited the Autism Association of Namibia over its three-year stint, but has now expanded horizons to embrace more institutions, initiatives, and projects across the country.

He said the Rössing Foundation plays a pivotal role in nurturing the educational growth of pupils nationwide, especially those in remote areas who struggle with limited access to educational resources.

The funds raised in this year’s series will breathe life into their laboratories.

“The Nedbank for Good series illustrates how corporate entities can join hands to reach out to the Namibian children, contribute to our nation’s development, and imprint a deep impact on the lives of those who need it the most,” she said.

Furthermore, he said that this year’s focus was geared towards touching the lives of 8,000 learners and 300 teachers in rural schools across Namibia.

The event was the culmination of the 2023 series, which kicked off in February at Omeya, and saw a total of 700 out of 1 100 active golfers participating in the 10-round golf series.

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