RP President endorses Itula as a strong presidential contender

Stefanus Nashama

In a departure from the norm among Namibian political leaders, Henk Mudge, the leader of the Republican Party (RP), has endorsed Panduleni Itula, the leader of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), as a formidable candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

Mudge argued that Itula has garnered significant support and stands a tangible chance against Swapo, the incumbent ruling party, in the upcoming November elections.

Mudge, in an interview with the Windhoek Observer, stressed that the opposition has long been outmatched by Swapo in elections, and this trend is likely to continue unless there is a united front behind a strong candidate like Itula.

He reiterated that the longing for a new government is widespread, and Itula’s IPC is the primary alternative that holds substantial majority-based support.

Mudge critiqued other opposition leaders for their reluctance to embrace this reality, stressing that those genuinely committed to governmental change should rally behind Itula.

He emphasized Itula’s broad support base as a key advantage over other opposition parties.

Mudge also shared his stance on political ambitions, stating he has no desire for political office post-2024, and his support for Itula and the IPC’s goals stems from a genuine desire for what is best for Namibia.

He called on other national leaders to prioritize the country’s needs over political positions and to unite in support of removing the Swapo-led government.

Mudge also addressed the concept of a coalition government, arguing that it’s too late for such discussions among the opposition, as it could confuse the electorate.

He advocated for a straightforward approach to support Itula in order to ensure a focused and effective challenge to Swapo.

Contrasting opinions within the opposition were noted, with McHenry Venaani of the Popular Democratic Movement expressing a desire to lead a broad coalition government, while Gotthard Kandume of the Christian Democratic Voice indicated support for Swapo’s candidate.

Meanwhile, political analyst Sakaria Johannes echoed Mudge’s sentiments, suggesting that a unified approach behind Itula could pave the way for governmental change.

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