RP urged government to secure votes at the World Health Assembly

Stefanus Nashama

Republican Party president, Henk Mudge has requested the government to ask for a postponement of the votes on the amendments and the New Pandemic Treaty (Accord) at the upcoming World Health Assembly meeting.

He made the request during a press conference the party held on Thursday in Windhoek.

“Should the postponement not be obtained, then the government must vote against the proposed amendments to the IHR and the Accord as a whole, properly about the proposed amendments as well as the pandemic treaty,” he expressed.

According to Mudge the request made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the countries to accept the amendments to the IHR is not aligned with the principles and guidelines of the United Nations.

He further expressed that the proposed pandemic treaty does not follow international guidelines.

Mudge said he had raised the matter before in December 2023, however, the government turned a blind eye to the matter.

“I have said it before and want to repeat that we the people will not allow this government ever again to force lockdowns, mask-wearing, and ridiculous regulations like what they did during the so-called Covid pandemic, which was a hoax,” he reiterated.

He blamed the government for administering the vaccination during the Covid outbreak, saying the nation was not convinced about the possible consequences after taking the vaccination.

“There can be no doubt that the top priority of any responsible government should be the well-being of its citizens especially when it concerns health issues and when our health is threatened, as was the case with the hoax of a so-called Covid pandemic and more especially the constant intimidation by our government to allow an experimental so-called vaccine to be administered to us.

“We have the responsibility to speak up and that is what I have been doing since the outbreak of the so-called pandemic, but for the message to reach the nation, we need the media to publish our statements, even if it goes against the narrative of the government,” he expressed.

Mudge also laid the blame on the media for not showing interest in reporting about the matter.

He added that the media would do whatever was necessary to forewarn and inform the nation of these possible life-threatening side effects, but this did not happen.

“Needless to say we were shocked when we realised that the media had no intention to inform the nation and even more shocking was when we concluded that not only was our government captured, but also our media like the rest of the mainstream media around the world,” he said.

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