RP warns the government against secret negotiations with the WHO

Stefanus Nashama

Henk Mudge, the President of Namibia’s Republican Party (RP), has issued a warning to the Namibian Government to not engage in secret negotiations with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mudge, while addressing a press conference in Windhoek, expressed concern about WHO’s proposed amendments to the existing International Health Regulations of 2005 and the introduction of a New Pandemic Treaty.

Mudge raised apprehensions about the WHO, describing it as an unelected body consisting of what he called “arrogant billionaires” known as the Globalists who are pushing a One World Government agenda.

According to him, their ultimate goal is to reduce the world’s population, and they have devised strategies to do so without being held accountable.

“They have been working for decades on their evil agenda and their priority is to reduce the population of the world. To achieve that they have derived a strategy to kill people in such a way that they will not be held accountable,” he explained.

Given these concerns, Mudge cautioned the Namibian Government against engaging in back-door negotiations with the WHO without informing its citizens.

He stressed the potential dangers of such secret negotiations, particularly concerning health-related developments in the country.

Mudge urged the government to thoroughly examine recent global events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which he viewed as part of a strategy to reduce the world’s population.

He questioned how such a situation was allowed to occur and alleged that the government was complicit in the WHO’s agenda.

“The question that needs to be answered is: How this was allowed to happen? The so-called COVID-19 pandemic has proven beyond any doubt that something was wrong and we were taken for fools,” he added.

Mudge claimed that the government had taken steps to increase COVID-19 deaths to meet WHO and Globalists’ requirements, seeing this as a dangerous sign of secret negotiations.

He also raised questions about the government’s handling of COVID-19-related matters, including burials and the administration of experimental vaccines, which he alleged were associated with severe side effects. “Why did the Swapo government insist that the people who died of COVID-19 had to be buried in a secluded spot in the cemetery by people in white suits with the loved ones not allowed near the grave?” he asked. Mudge also alleged that the Namibian Government allowed illegal drugs like the experimental vaccines to be administered to people while it was aware of the side effects like strokes, cancer, infertility, miscarriages and even deaths. Mudge called on the government to inform the Namibian public about the 307 proposed amendments it supports and emphasized the importance of protecting citizens’ basic rights and freedoms. “The Namibian people should never again allow any government to lock us down or to implement any regulations that will undermine our basic rights and freedoms,’ he urged.

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