Run-away guard arrested for N$300K

Kandjemuni Kamuiiri

THE Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, has confirmed the arrest of a G4S security guard who allegedly disappeared with a cash box containing N$300 000 last Friday.

Ricardo Oxurub was reportedly found and arrested in the Democratic Resettlement Community of Swakopmund this morning.

Erongo’s Police Regional Community Affairs Commander, Inspector Ileni Shapumbu, informs that N$12 000 was found in the suspetc’s possession so far, adding that police investigations continue in the matter.

It is alleged that last Friday afternoon, G4s security guards booked out money from Bank Windhoek in Swakopmund for the purpose of loading it at various Bank Windhoek ATMs.

Shapumba says the arrested security guard was on duty with other guards as they were filling the ATM’s.

Oxurub is said to have been left behind in the cash-in-transit vehicle with one cash box containing N$300 000.00, and disappeared with it while the other security guards went to load the Ocean View ATM.

“The rest of the guards proceeded to Ocean View ATM at Arandis to continue filling the ATM machines, and one guard was left behind. Upon return, the suspect left behind was nowhere to be found.

“However thanks to the help of the community we were able to find him and our team arrested him this morning,” Inspector Shapumbu appreciates. Oxurub faces charges of theft of cash.


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