Same old Soccer House shenanigans

Jefta M Gaoab

Wonders shall never cease to happen and wonders constantly keep on happening, wrongfully at the Soccer House. We have accused the previous administration of all corrupt sorts of practices and the current administration is at the forefront, thereof.

Just as we thought that football was being normalised, it’s the direct opposite and I stand to be proven otherwise. Wrong is wrong and wrong can never be right. I wonder what the values of Football House are, and if they are living according to their values and purpose in their daily operations, or as they go about their daily activities. I put the blame squarely at the doorstep of the Executive Committee of the Namibia Football Association (NFA). The Executive Committee is supposed to work in unison, agree to disagree on strategic football issues, take decisions in the best interest of football and move on.

This has proven to be the Exco’s Achilles heel. The groupings and friendship affections within the Exco is clouding their judgement at the expense of football. They lack leadership, are indecisive and have no spine. History will judge current Exco and it is up to them to prove us otherwise.

Appointment of NFA Public Relations Officer (PRO)

During the tenure of the Normalisation Committee, it was reported that there were no formal policies in place, and that was confirmed by the current administration. The policies in question were, human resources (recruitment), finance, ITC, etc. I want to believe that the current administration has rectified that anomality, and that all the policies are in place now. Unless the new human resources policy (recruitment policy) of the NFA has the element or clause of “reverse recruitment” that suits certain individuals’ personalities. This is with specific reference to the appointment letter that had the social media abuzz. This appointment was done in “reverse recruitment” and is an insult to football fraternity, and let alone to the aspiring young men and women who should have made the cut through a transparent recruitment process. This “reverse recruitment process embarked upon by the NFA Exco has all the hallmarks of cronyism, nepotism and lack of transparency. They literally hijacked the job market.

The honourable thing to do is re-advertise the position and follow a transparent recruitment process open to all Namibians.


We all know that football was not played in Namibia for a considerable period, for all the wrong reasons. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) dispersed COVID-19 grants to all Member Associations to assist the players in these trying times. We also know that COVID-19 struck while the football league was already idle. The intention by FIFA is quite commendable.

I am particularly worried by the casual approach the NFA Executive has adopted in disseminating information to the football-loving public. NFA is supposed to proactively inform the stakeholders on how the grant was utilised at Soccer House and should not be selective in terms of what needs to be communicated. Being transparent and open about their activities will result in public, and more especially football fraternity, gaining confidence and trust.

How much COVID-19 grant was given to the NFA by FIFA? How was the COVID-19 grant utilised? Did it serve its intended purpose by FIFA and did any individual players receive the grants and how much? If the above is not the case, how was it utilised?

If the FIFA’s grant towards COVID-19, for arguments sake, was N100.00 and if NFA utilised N$50.00 to have started the league with the COVID-19 grants intended for players? Can the remaining N$50.00 not be apportioned to cater for the intended purpose? Alternatively, if the N$50.00 was utilised to start the league, and if and when NFA receive the funds ideally earmarked for the respective leagues (not the COVID-19 grants) can they re-direct the N$50.00 to the remaining N$50.00 to make it N$100.00 and disperse funds for its intended purpose to the players? Having started the league was paramount, but equally the players’ prosperity is paramount and they are still entitled to get what is due to them unless, I comprehend the COVID-19 grant wrongfully. It is for these reasons that the NFA must proactively communicate, especially regarding the COVID-19 grants. Players were affected with no football in the past and whatever amount, even if it is little, will make a difference to the players.

The ball is in the NFA’s court to make us comprehend as to how the COVID-19 grant was utilized, and to account for every penny spent. Let us see how different you are from your predecessors. Otherwise it will be a lip service and disservice to all and sundry as far as the governance and accountability in Namibian football is concerned.

E-Connect Digital Registration System

I am informed that the E-connect system has been long in use in other footballing parts of the world. I am further informed that this system works wonders and makes life easier for football administrators and other football stakeholders. E-connect digital player registration system helps one to keep track of players, coaches and referees worldwide. It makes it easier for players’ compensation, international transfers, ages, etc. It keeps track of almost everything concerning players. E-connect warrants things to be done in a systematic way. In a nutshell at a press of a keyboard button or cellphone screen, you can retrieve and view all you want about a player is there since it is designed with a player’s unique identification code/number. Wow, doesn’t that sound super?

This system is long overdue, but I am quite excited about this particular system and commend the NFA Executive who moved swiftly and is at a planning stage to finally implement the system in the Land of the Brave. I will only speak about the players regarding the system as the football clubs and academies who nurtured and played a significant part in the development of players who are always at the receiving end from the “botsotso football intermediaries”. This system perfectly addresses that anomaly. In fact the system is designed to benefit the intermediaries also in terms of his cut for his services, and football club/academies in terms of player development and compensation fees. The latter part was selectively adhered to by “greedy and bostsotso football intermediaries” who also mercilessly took the players’ development or compensation cut that is meant for football clubs and academies. Once the e-connect system is in place, Cesare will finally get what belongs to him.

On a lighter note, before the kick-off of the transitional league, which I personally christened as “pret en plesier league” merely by the way certain clubs amazed players and dangled a carrot in front of them. Social media was abuzz that all the players in Namibia are now free agents as there was no football played and by the virtue that no football club was not in a financial position to renumerate players. This is a dangerous and irresponsible statement from whoever it emanates without any substantiative document, this can be challenged from all the corners of life. I want to believe that it was just an arrangement for the duration of the “pret en plesier league” and that things will be treated differently once the real league action starts, more especially with contracts that the players have signed with the clubs then.

Jefta M Gaoab

Public Relations Officer

Touch & Go FC

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