SAN condemns G4S strike

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The Security Association of Namibia (SAN) has condemned an illegal strike allegedly instigated by the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) on Monday by G4S securities.

The workers are demanding a salary increase.

SAN president Dhiginina Uutaapama said the association strongly condemns the strike, stating their members, the owners of security companies, were not notified of the strike.

“We are in a country with rules and regulations and no person should enter somebody’s building without any permission or following the right procedures. We also have to look at it as it politically motivated strike. If they (NEEF) want to be representing employees then they should at least register as a union as they are a political party. We need to follow the labour act which is quite clear,” he said.

In a media statement Uutaapama said SAN strongly distances itself from any such strike actions by any security personnel, as it is deemed illegal according to the Labour Act No 11 of 2007. ‘SAN would like to inform the public that as per the extension collective agreement to the security industry, Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia 15 September 2017 No.6414 under subsection (5) of section 71 of the Labour Act, 2007 Act No. 11, our registered members with SAN do adhere to the agreement through a signed declaration required by our client’s compliance list, “ said Uutaapama.

In addition, he said SAN still awaits feedback and guidance from the Wage Commission and the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation on the prescribed minimum wage for the security industry. “Furthermore, to the minimum wage, the Association is on continuous engagements with the Wage Commission as prescribed by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Government Gazette 15 February 2021 No.7461,” he stated.

Moreover, he advised SAN members and stakeholders to continue working together as has been the case, and not to allow any form of political influence, as negotiations and discussions are still ongoing to address several issues that continue to impact the sector. The association also pleaded for the intervention of the relevant stakeholders pertaining to illegal strikes to be brought to book as this instigates anarchy and possible riots within Namibia. NEFF commissar for economic affairs Michael Amushelelo said ‘’legal process to have legal strikes no longer work in favour of workers, so workers are using their power of simply refusing to work’’. “The downing of tools was a collective decision by the workers, I am merely a vessel to ensure that the workers demands are met,’’ he said. G4S managing director Corinus Kotzé prefered not to comment on the matter.

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