Security association warns
non-complying guard companies

Martin Endjala

The Security Association of Namibia (SAN) said it will no longer be tolerating security companies which violate its mandates, that harsh penalties will be imposed as a result.

Speaking to the Windhoek Observer in an interview, Kuume Uutaapama president of SAN, said that an agreement signed in 2017 which allows them to penalize companies will be taken “very seriously” this year.

“We will also focus on security company operators who are not registered under the association. We urge stakeholders especially clients who want to recruit a service provider to approach our office for further information, regarding the costing for the industry as well as matters pertaining to the industry”, the president emphasized.

Uutaapama further advised security officers to follow internal procedures and not to resort to illegal strikes as this may lead to immediate dismissals.

Further consultations with stakeholders since December 2022 are said to still continue, with a follow up meeting slated for February regarding the return of SAN to the Namibia Security Labour Forum (NSLF) maintained the president.

“It is for the industry and stakeholders to ensure that the industry is regulated and professionalized fir the benefit of the economy of the Republic of Namibia, Uutaapama said.

Henceforth, he is advising companies to adhere to the Labour ACT 19 of 2007 and the By-Laws of the Republic of Namibia.

SAN will soon engage its members in upcoming events and discussions, with a call for all to partake.

Uutaapama also wants to assure employees (Security officers) that they are in consultations with unions to resolve pressing matters affecting the industry.

Meanwhile, SAN will continue its consultation with the Central Procurement Board of Namibia (CPBN) on Procurement Policy Unit PPU which started in November 2022.

SAN president still believes that they are still on the right track in matters pertaining to the security industry, affirming that they will give a thorough update on the outcomes of the meeting.

In addition to robberies reported. The association reported only 4incidents so far during the festive season.

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