Selma’s Motherhood

Motherhood Namibia a purpose-driven entity committed to providing holistic support, education, and community for mothers.
Established in June 2022, our organisation stands as a beacon of
empowerment, understanding, and celebration of the diverse and transformative journey that is motherhood. We had a chat with the founder of the organization, Selma Bachler

Who is Selma Bachler?
Selma Bachler is an Oshindonga, God centred queen a, born and raised in Okapya village in the northern part of Namibia. I’m a mother, wife, career woman and entrepreneur who’s passionate about empowering moms through her Motherhood Namibia community.

How has your background and upbringing influenced your personal and professional development?
My parents are the embodiment of hard work, compassion, and Christ-centred values. I believe that their teachings are the driving force behind the woman I have become today both personally and professionally.

Academic accomplishments seem to be a significant part of your journey. Was education always emphasized in your family?

Yes. I grew up in a modest single income household where my father worked, and my mother stayed home to raise all of us 7 children. Both my parents did not have the privilege to finish their schooling career. And thus, it was always their dream to ensure that my siblings and I have access to education. Despite the circumstances, my parents worked hard to ensure that my siblings and I received the best education. Their determination to lay a solid educational foundation saw all of us attending high school/university in South Africa. My parents are extremely supportive and played a huge role in all our career choices. They were also intentionally involved. My parents were the type to stay up with us during exam times. My mother many a time took up entrepreneurial avenues to support my dad to finances our educational dreams. They would often joke about our “rustic old car “saying they invested all their earnings into our education The sacrifices of my parents opened doors for me to thrive in my dream career and live an intentional purposeful life.

How do you think your academic achievements have contributed to your current success?

When I think of success, I don’t affiliate it to my worldly academic or career accomplishments. I consider myself “successful” because I am courageously walking in my purpose, investing my life, time, and resources in what I believe I was called to do – which is to create a safe space for women. No academic achievement can be credited to pursuing my life’s purpose.

Let’s talk about your initiative called, “Motherhood.” How did that come about?
Motherhood Namibia was established after I became a mother during the COVID lockdown. Experiencing the power of community as an overwhelmed new mom, I was inspired to extend this experience to other moms. Through our community, moms connect with other moms, share notes, support, and celebrate each other while getting some much-needed pampering.

Weren’t you afraid that there are many similar organizations in the country? What sets you apart?
Sure, there are many similar organizations in Namibia, and even in the world. But I believe that the Lord makes room for what he has called you to do, whether you are the first or the 100thperson to take that similar path. While these organizations might all be founded on the same central theme (motherhood), each of them will be as unique as its founder is as I believe that our convictions, our passion, our insights are what set us apart from each other.

Your mission is to create a space where every mother could find a sense of belonging, regardless of background or circumstance. What does that mean?
It speaks to the fact that while Motherhood (for many women) is one of the greatest gifts, it is equally one of the hardest roles to navigate through. All of our respective motherhood journeys, experiences and circumstances are completely different, however, as human beings first and mothers second, we are also “more the same than we are different”.
This is in the sense that we all long to be heard, to have a day off, to be celebrated, to be encouraged, to be loved. Motherhood Namibia aims to create a space where women can receive whatever it is that they need through encouragement, sharing of wisdom and experiences. Mom’s Day Off has since been birthed – welcoming space where all mothers feel comfortable, regardless of their background, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or parenting style. Our events offer mothers a chance to unwind and recharge from the daily demands of parenthood, fostering a sense of well-being that contributes to their overall sense of belonging.

What is your personal opinion about motherhood in Namibia?
Motherhood Namibia in my opinion/eyes is a seed that was implanted in my being 3 years ago when I became a mother. After years of procrastination, I finally found the courage to heed to its
call and I am in awe of its growth and impact in the lives of mothers and children.
Namibian mothers deserve all the support we can offer them. Through Motherhood Namibia, we aim to create a space where they can connect, share experiences, and access resources. This can make a significant difference in their journeys. Additionally, I strongly believe that embracing their communities is crucial for mothers. Motherhood can be isolating at times, and having a network of supportive women can provide invaluable help and lessen the load they carry. By working together, mothers can build a stronger support system and thrive in their roles.

You hosted your very first event last year. Can you tell us about it.
We were thrilled to host our very first event last year, 13 May 2023. As you can tell, it’s always on the eve of Mother’s Day. No better way to celebrate and honour motherhood. It was a huge success, and the positive response confirmed the strong need within our community for a space dedicated to mothers. The event offered a mix of inspiring talks, panel discussions, opportunities to connect with other moms. The atmosphere was incredibly positive and supportive, and the feedback from attendees was phenomenal. The success of our first event has fuelled our passion to continue providing this vital platform for Namibian mothers and has now become an annual event. We’re excited to build on this momentum and host even more impactful events in the future.

How was the attendance and how was the event received?
The event saw an attendance of over 260 ladies, from different backgrounds, and some who had travelled from out of town to witness the celebration journey of motherhood.

You are hosting your second event this year. What can women expect?
This year’s event promises to be a captivating experience, offering:
• Inspiring talks and discussions led by Mrs. Basetsana Kumalo and Hopolang Phororo.
• Panel discussions featuring various local speakers with the likes of Pauline Tomas- Kahupi.
• Opportunities to connect with other mothers.
• A chance to relax and unwind from the daily demands of motherhood.
• A musical performance to add to the celebratory atmosphere.

What makes this event different from the one of last year?
This year’s “Moms Day Off Event” promises to be bigger and better. We’ve got a fresh line-up of inspiring speakers, talented entrepreneurs showcasing their businesses, various organization with stalls that align with the journey of motherhood. I don’t want to give too much away. But the biggest difference lies in our theme: “Imperfectly Perfect.” This theme acknowledges the realities of motherhood – the joys, the challenges, and everything in between. We believe this resonates deeply with moms and creates a space where they can feel comfortable sharing their authentic experiences, without judgment. The speakers and all the happenings will all tie back to this theme, offering encouragement, support, and practical tips for navigating the beautiful complexities of motherhood.

There’s been criticism about your organization inviting keynote speakers from outside Namibia. What’s your opinion about that?
We hear the feedback regarding our keynote speaker. It’s important to us to be responsive to our community, and we appreciate the suggestions. In some cases, we may invite international speakers who bring a unique perspective or specific knowledge relevant to our theme. This allows us to offer a well-rounded program that caters to diverse interests within the Namibian mother community. It is also true that the majority of our event speakers, MC, service providers are and the entire event team will be talented Namibian women. We’re incredibly proud to showcase their expertise and contributions.

Events of this nature come at a cost. Has the corporate fraternity been supportive?
It was quite a challenge in the beginning, as it was a new initiative that had not been done in Namibia, this unfortunately saw me not take off within the intended year. However, we’re incredibly fortunate to have received fantastic support from the corporate community after launching our first event last year. We’re especially grateful to FNB Namibia, our main sponsor for the second year running. Their generous support is crucial in making this event possible. We’d also like to express our sincere appreciation to our other sponsors, including Coca-Cola, Pupkewitz Motor Division, Gondwana lodges, Fresh FM, Season Travel and Tours and Annabelle’s Sparkling Wines. Their contributions, both financial and logistical, are invaluable in bringing this event to life.

How can women reach you if they want to attend the Motherhood event?
For moms interested in attending the Motherhood Namibia event, tickets are conveniently available on Webtickets! Additionally, we’re actively seeking talented mom-preneurs to showcase their businesses at the event. If you’re a mom-preneur interested in exhibitor opportunities, please don’thesitate to contact Motherhood Namibia directly on Instagram (@motherhoodnamibia)

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