Shaama appointed as Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer

Niël Terblanché

Peter Shaama was appointed as the Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer at the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) and will serve for five years from 01 September 2023.

ECN in a statement said that Shaama will be responsible for administering and managing Namibia’s electoral processes in accordance with an electoral cycle approach once his tenure starts.

According to the statement, Shaama’s appointment follows an extensive recruitment process, which saw shortlisted candidates vying for the position of the commission’s head at the end of last month.

Shaama currently serves as the Director of Operations at ECN. He has more than ten years of experience in electoral management, and 25 years in public administration and management in the public sector having served in different portfolios. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electoral Policy and Administration (MEPA), a Bachelor of Business Administration Honors Degree, a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Human Resources Management, and a National Diploma in Human Resources Management.

Upon assumption of duty, he will be responsible for assisting the Commission as the Accounting Officer head of administration.

According to the ECN, Shaama’s appointment will be a significant milestone in the continuous efforts to strengthen and enhance democratic processes within Namibia.

“We look forward to witnessing his exceptional leadership and the positive impact he will undoubtedly make in advancing electoral management in Namibia,” the ECN said.

The ECN also congratulated Shaama on his appointment and wished him the best in his new role as he ascends to the reigns of steering the Secretariat of the ECN.

“With his extensive experience in electoral management and sound leadership, we, as the Commission are confident that under his guidance, ECN will continue to play a pivotal role in promoting democratic values, ensuring electoral integrity, and fostering public trust in the electoral process,” the ECN said.

At the same time, the ECN thanked all candidates that showed interest in the call for the application to be appointed as the Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer.

“We also thank the public for entrusting us with the execution of this process,” the ECN concluded.

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