Shaningwa tells Otjozondjupa mobilizer to “back off”

Eba Kandovazu

SWAPO Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has written a letter to Otjozondjupa regional mobilization officer Clive Kavendjii, requesting that he desists from acting as the party’s leader in the region while the regional coordinator Susan Hikopua is still in office.

The regional executive committee suspended Hikopua in December on allegations of abuse of party finances and properties among others.

Hikopua, according to Kavendjii, also orchestrated demonstrations against the leadership of the party in the region and acted outside the party’s constitution. Kavendjii also alleges that Hikopua is sowing division among Swapo members in the region and therefore has been charged with insubordination towards the regional executive committee.

Kavendjii however said that no criminal charges have been laid against Hikopua pertaining to the misappropriation of party funds.


The embattled Hikopua is also said to have been involved in activities that undermined the interests of Swapo, through the alleged promotion of the interest of other political parties.

The politburo, however, has not endorsed the suspension.

“As far as the party is concerned, comrade Susan Hikopua is still the SWAPO party head of the region, the political bureau has never ratified any suspension of comrade Hikopua as per the constitution,” Shaningwa said in her letter addressed to Kavendjii.

Kavendjii did not respond to questions sent to him.


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