Shaningwa worried about delays in mandate renewals

Staff Writer

The Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa is concerned that some regions in the country have not finished their mandates of renewal ahead of the upcoming congress in July of the party’s Elders Council.

Shaningwa said this yesterday at the opening of the Swapo Party’s Elders’ Councils central committee opening meeting.

In addition, she urged the Elders to complete the renewals of mandates by all means.

“Comrade elders my concern is the renewal of mandate that some of the regions did not finish. However, let us try to make sure that we finish the renewals of mandate before your Congress in July 2022 by all means at whatever the cost,” said Shaningwa.

Furthermore, Shaningwa stressed that having proper structures in place is essential in order for Swapo to win in the next elections.

“Having proper structures in place, that cannot be compromised. That is mandatory and must be done by all the regions. When there will be elections, there is no way that Swapo Party will win if the structures are not in place. They must be put in place,” she added.

She expressed understanding of why the mandates of the regions have not been completed yet.

“I understand that the regions are vast and there is no money to transport people to meetings, places and so on,” added Shaningwa.

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